Residential Cleaning

We are here to support you in living comfortably in your home. We can either help & assist you in just the house tasks that you are finding difficult to do or we can offer you a comprehensive Residential Cleaning service this may include the following:

  • Kitchen & bathroom cleaning.
  • Laundry washing, ironing, folding clothes & storing.
  • Making beds, dusting high & low levels, vacuuming & floor mopping.
  • All other cleaning tasks.

We also have a number of cleaning specialist services such as.

  • Window cleaning ( Purified water chemical free ) multi-level.
  • Carpet steam cleaning & restoration (specialist carpet restoration equipment )
  • Tile & grout high pressure cleaning ( grout re-coloring )
  • Full detail cleaning & vacate cleaning

If you’re considering our standard package as a regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning service, we recommend booking a spring cleaning package first, then reverting to our standard clean on an ongoing basis. This gives us the opportunity to get your home sparkling clean on our first visit, and makes it easier to keep it clean when we return.

The typical time taken is 2-4 hours.

This is a typical service that covers all surface areas of the kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming and dusting and a general tidy up. Your home will look and feel clean and tidy. As with all our cleans, additional services can be included into your package.

What’s Included?

 Clean Cooktop  Clean Benchtops  Clean Appliance Exteriors
 Clean Splashback  Clean Sink & Taps  Clean Inside Microwave
 Clean Bath  Clean Counter Tops  Clean & Disinfect Toilet
 Clean Shower Cabin  Clean Sink & Taps  Clean Mirrors/Splashbacks
All Rooms
 Vacuum Clean Carpets  Dust Surfaces  General Tidy Up
 Mop Wooden/Tiled Floors  Empty Rubbish Bins  Air Freshener & Deodoriser

If your home hasn’t been cleaned in a while, or if you’d prefer a more detailed and thorough cleaning service, our other cleaning packages may be more suitable:

  • Spring Cleaning Package
  • Moving House Cleaning Package

You can also create your own customised house cleaning service by choosing individual tasks from any cleaning package and/or adding your own. We always try to accommodate any request, so if there’s something you need just ask.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

Breathe life back into your carpet with a steam cleaning service from Star Residential Care. Our professionally trained and experienced technicians use an 8-step, hot water extraction method (as recommended by carpet manufacturers) to clean, invigorate and freshen your carpet!

Save Money

Regularly cleaning your carpet helps to keep it in good condition and protects your investment. This is especially important if your carpet is brand new or if you’re planning to sell your home soon. Regular maintenance is much easier and cheaper than replacing carpet.

Looks Good

Clean carpets look great. Vacuuming removes dirt and debris but a regular deep clean goes that bit further and can remove tougher stains. Your carpets will look and feel great.

Smells Nice

This is especially true for homes with pets, and children. Regular cleans ensure your home smells clean and fresh.

Protects Your Health

Regular carpet cleaning can prevent your carpets from becoming regular breeding grounds for allergens and bacteria. This is very important if you have young children, pets, or if someone in the home has allergies.

Carpet Cleaning

Pre-Vacuum Clean

Surface dust & dirt is removed using our heavy-duty vacuum cleaner

Spot Removal

Any spots & stains are treated individually with appropriate cleansing agents (note: some stains may be impossible to remove)

Shampoo Application

Specially formulated, natural shampoo is sprayed evenly over your carpet which bonds with and breaks-down the dirt


The shampoo is gently massaged & washed deep into the fibres of your carpet

Hot Water Rinse

Your carpet is rinsed clean with hot water, removing deep-down dirt & odour

Fast Drying

Any excess moisture is extracted to help your carpet dry more quickly


A deodoriser is applied to neutralise odours and freshen your carpets


Your carpet is groomed to lift the pile and restore an ‘as new’ appearance

You decide the tasks that we do and those that we don’t.

To make a booking or to obtain a free, no obligation quote, call us on 9763 8009

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